We're line-up free this year with appointments for enhanced and safe visits with Mean Green Santa at Billings Bridge - located beside the bottom of the escalators that lead to the food court.

Please Reserve your 15 minute appointment  in advance with rescheduling up to 6 hours prior to appointment - $49.99* + HST. Price includes visit and digital photographs.

*contactless online advance payment system.

Visiting Days - November 19 to December 23

Tuesday*: 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Thursday: 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday: 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

*Pet Friendly Nights: Tuesdays

** Sensory Mean Green Santa - Any Date/Time on reservation availability, please advise on reservation form.

Reservations Page 

Our Covid Aware Location

We've set up a large lobby with wide entrance (double doors) for entry and exit. Also one way traffic to and from both Santa's Workshop Studio and Mean Green Santa's Studio . Mandatory masks and temperature checks with questionnaire and hand sanitization upon enteering and exiting.

Visits with Santa Claus and Mean Green Santa at Billings Bridge

Safe Social Distance Visit Procedures

Your appointment time in the is set for 15 minutes long and follows this schedule. 

Registration - Approximately 5-minutes 
Arrival, registration, screening, and unpacking your belongings at one of the sanitized dedicated tables in the lobby area - there is plenty of social distanced space for two families per 15 minute period.

Visit with Santa or Mean Green Santa- approximately 6 minutes
First 4 minutes  with Santa
He'll be seated behind his small work table with a plexiglass sneeze guard between you and Santa will be wearing a mask during the visit. Our photographer will make candid photographs of the visit.
First 4 minutes with Mean Green Santa
He will arrive and entertain around his sleigh and he will be wearing an industrial respirator mask with N95 filters in place. Our photographer will make candid photographs to capture his antics and reactions.

The final 2 minutes With Santa and Mean Green Santa
You will turn to face the photographer - Santa will remain behind his work table at this point while visits with Mean Green Santa will see him posing on his sleigh with the full moon behind him.
Masks are mandatory for all visitors unless they are 2 years or younger.

Post Visit Departure - approximately 4 minutes
At this time your photographs will be uploaded to a private online gallery with a link emailed to you. You will be able to download your photographs using a computer and share on social media and/or print them at your choice of labs. 

At this time the Photographer or Assistant will sanitize the set for the next visitors.

All Photographs are included in the price

You will receive all of the pictures (no stress for time spent picking and choosing, you get them all) a minimum of 10 high resolution photographs (each a 2-4 megabyte jpg file) that can be printed and shared where and when you want.

Find Us

Billings Bridge Shopping Centre
2277 Riverside Drive Ottawa, ON K1V 2J4

Storefront is at the base of the escalators on the main (parking) level at entrance #5 (photograph below).

Please arrive 2 to 5 minutes prior to your appointed time and show your email, from our online reservation system, to the greeter.

Lobby Area
After screening you will be shown to an area where you can deposit your belongings at a freshly sanitized table. Santa and Mean Green Santa are in separate studios located at the rear of Santa's Workshop.

Additional Safety Procedures

All people working on site will have their temperatures checked and a questionnaire will be filled out by them prior to each shift. They will also will wear mouth & nose coverings.
Santa has been tested to confirm that he does not have Covid 19.
As Santa will remain behind plexi and will wear a fabric mouth & nose covering during the visit portion of your reservation there will be no close contact between Santa and visitors.
Sanitization of public areas - all staff are responsible for the cleanliness of the areas after each visit. Shopping Centre staff will do a complete cleaning of all spaces in the Santa common areas and private areas between shifts.

All visitors will be prescreened (temperature check and questionnaire) and, in keeping with public health regulations, be required to wear mouth and nose coverings. 


Online reservations can be made online using a credit card to secure  your prepaid appointment.
Reservations can be made in-person using cash, credit or debit during the Santa schedule - however priority will be given to arriving and registered visitors.